Just how to report and operate programs using Selenium IDE

In my own prior weblog I’ve proven anyone just how to deploy Selenium IDE as Opera plug-in.

Within this weblog I’ll demonstrate just how to report software using Selenium IDE.

Before documenting we have to create the test-case or even the actions that people report. For instance, we make use of the Selenium site. http://seleniumhq.org

Test-Case Actions are:

Available Selenium Site (http://seleniumhq.orgOR) in Opera browser.
Press Task tabs
Press Selenium IDE hyperlink
Confirm that Selenium IDE Wording exists

Enables Begin Documenting using Selenium IDE.

Action ONE: Available Firefox Browser

Available Opera screen like a Empty tabs.
Step two: Available Selenium IDE screen

Available Device menus. Press Selenium IDE choices. (Number: 1) Selenium IDE is shown (Determine: TWO)


Determine: TWO

Selenium IDE offers Report and Operate switch as well as Programs publisher region. The above mentioned number displays the windowpane.

Whenever person perform a procedure, state click a switch or type-a wording in a textbox, Selenium IDE information it like a software. You will find several areas of Selenium software.

Order: there are certainly a command checklist for each procedure using the web site like press a switch, it information a press order.

Goal: the place of the element, I-D, Title, XPath or Flash

Worth: the worthiness or information of the designated area. For instance, when there is a wording to confirm, then your confirmed wording is entered below.

The record tabs reaches the beneath of the screen shows the standing when test-runs.

Stage 4: Begin Documenting

Before documenting, confirm that report switch is on. Reduce the selenium IDE screen.



Figure :

Click Selenium IDE link. selenium IDE plug in page is displayed.(Figure : 4)


Figure : 4

Now right click on the text “Selenium IDE” and click VerifyTextPresent Selenium IDE option (Figure : 5)


Figure : 5

Now maximize the Selenium IDE window and click the recording button to stop.

The script is ready and looks like the following figure: Figure : 6


Step 5 : Running the script

Click the Play button to run the script.


Today enter the tackle http://seleniumhq.orgOR in the tackle container in Opera browser.
Media Enter switch
Selenium website is packed
Press the task tabs (Determine: 3)

Determine: 8

I’ve attempted to exhibit anyone several easy steps to automate a full page by utilizing Selenium IDE. This software can just only be run-in Opera browser. In Potential article, I’ll demonstrate how programs produced in Selenium IDE could be run-in various visitor by Selenium webdriver.

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