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Flash testing with selenium is a different process than other testings using selenium. When you use selenium, general locators such as ID, Name, Class etc. If they fail to locate the elements, XPath can be used for the same. However, XPath cannot access flash objects and hence you need a flash webdriver object to locate a flash object in any application. This is the major difference between general testing and flash testing with selenium.

What is Flash Testing

Flash is a popular software used for creating games, graphic animations, movies, applications, mobile games etc. You need to check if the games, movies, animations etc are working as expected. Testing the functionalities of flash is known as Flash Testing. You need the below-mentioned things for flash testing.

  • Flash Application
  • Supporting web browser
  • Adobe Flash Player Plugins

And the most widely used tools for Flash Testing are

  • Selenium
  • SoapUI
  • Test complete
  • Test Studio

Flash can be tested either manually or by using test automated tools such as selenium, SoapUI etc.

How to automate Flash using Selenium IDE Recording

The following are the steps for automating Flash using Selenium IDE Recording.

  1. Open both Flash application and Selenium IDE
  2. Click on the red color record button on the top right side of the window and start performing an operation on Flash movie/game. A record script will appear.
  3. After recording, the green button can be pressed for executing the script and the same will be executed.

How to Automate lash using Selenium Webdriver

Selenium Webdriver can be used to automate flash through flash webdriver Object and call a method to operate flash object. However, you need to download flash webdriver jar files before starting automation.

  1. Add jar file in the project after downloading the same.
  2. There will be a separate flash object webdriver class under flash jar file. Implement flash webdriver “my flash movie” in the selenium script.After adding this the object can be accessed.

Creating selenium scripts for flash testing is another important step in flash.This part will be taught in detail in all selenium tutorials. You should have expertise in creating selenium scripts for flash testing to master testing. At a time when mobile games, movies etc are enjoying popularity, more and more such flash applications are being introduced and the demand for flash testers is increasing day by day. You can grab good opportunities by learning flash testing using selenium from any selenium training tutorials.

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