HP QuickTest Professional is supplies alternative for functional test and regression test automation & a person software. This next generation automated testing solution deploys the notion of keyword-driven screening to improve upkeep as well as evaluation creation.

QuickTest Professional fulfills the requirements of both specialized and nontechnical consumers. It operates hand in hand with HP Business-Process Testing to to create nontechnical subject-matter experts to the standard process in a a way that is meaningful.

Plus, it empowers the whole testing team to produce test suites that are complex. QTP customers do not appreciate a liberty of scripting language like their opposite numbers using Selenium Training. VB Script is supported only by it.

These surroundings are supported by QTP

  • Active X
  • Delphi
  • Java
  • .Net
  • Oracle
  • People Soft
  • Power Builder
  • SAP
  • Siebel
  • Stingray
  • Terminal Emulator
  • Visual Basic
  • Visual Age
  • Web
  • Web Services

Selenium Training Online is a family of programs, constituted of several software components, for automating internet based program employed only, they’re the following –

Selenium Online Training 2 or Selenium WebDriverIt’s an item of amalgamation between Selenium & Selenium WebDriver coaching. The Selenium tutorial API is supported by it, combined with the Selenium Video TutorialsĀ technologies. Selenium WebDriver coachingĀ Online is a program for creating automated tests of web programs that are based. It intends to emulate the behavior of a user that is real, so that as such socializes with all the HTML of the program. It offers Selenium WebDriver Tutorial Online API & object oriented help. This is latest/ hottest add-on in Selenium Training Online family.

Selenium 1 or Selenium RC or Rc It lets to to create automated web application UI evaluations in any programming language (Java, Java Script, Ruby, PHP, Python, Perl and C#) against any HTTP web site using any mainstream JavaScript-enabled browser. It comes in two components.

A host which kills and automatically launches functions as an HTTP proxy for internet requests from from their website, and browsers.
Libraries to your chosen computer language.
It’s not unsuitable for testing complicated AJAX-based internet user. Additionally it is a great option for consumers of Selenium IDE who wish to write evaluations in a programming language as opposed to Selenese HTML table format.

Selenium IDE Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a quick prototyping device for building test scripts. This is a Firefox plug-in and offers an Easy To-use interface for creating automatic evaluations. Selenium IDE then exports them as a re-usable script in one of several programming languages that will be later executed and has a record feature, which records user activities as they can be performed.

It’s not made to to perform your test passes nor is it created to assemble all the automatic tests you’ll need. It does not supply conditional or iteration statements. It is suggested that for test automation that was robust & scalable use Selenium RC or Selenium 2.

Selenium-Grid Selenium-Grid eases to to perform test suites in several environments concurrently. It enables running evaluations in parallel, that’s, different or same tests may be run in once on various machines that are remote. It gains in manners that are subsequent –

Assume there exists a sluggish, or a huge test suite -working test-suite, it is possible to boost its performance significantly by using your test-suite to break up to to perform tests that are different in once using devices that are different.
Imagine demand would be to run test-suite on several surroundings, you can get distinct machines that are distant operating and supporting your evaluations in them at once.

QTP is a applications that is licensed and comes in subsequent kind of licence

Seat Permit: It’s a machine locked licence. This permit may be used limited to a machine it was created.
Floating Permit: It may be used on any machine that has network access to the license server. At any point in time the devices utilizing the QTP permit cannot exceed maximum permit count on the host.
Selenium Webdriver Course is an open-source application that does not cost something. Anybody can obtain selenium Training Tutorial library, add-on & begin utilizing it. There isn’t any restriction on amount of utilization time & permit use.

Object Spy

QTP Object Spy helps you to see supported approach of an item within an program that is open & attributes.

Selenium IDE object locator supplies attribute to see strategy & objects attributes. Besides this, a person can simply use addin Firebug with Chrome and Firefox constructed in improvement toolbar to see evaluation component locator & item attributes.

Code Debug

QTP has integrated editor to code. Selenium video tutorials doesn’t have integrated code debugger. It works like Intellij, Eclipse, Visual Studio with IDE. User must learn these editors to to create & debug code.

Exception Handling

QTP supplies exclusion to be handled by inbuilt retrieval scenario mechanism during script execution.

Selenium tutorial doesn’t supply attribute of retrieval scenario. Automation Programmer must write custom function utilizing exception handling module accessible programing language to deal with runtime exclusion.


QTP creates fine evaluation reports (hypertext Markup Language, XML, pdf etc) utilizing integrated reporter thing. Selenium tutorial online doesn’t have integrated reporting feature. It’s dependent on framework like TestNG, Junit, SauceLab, Screening bot for evaluation reporting.

Consolidation with Test Management Software

QTP comes bundled with source-code control software Quality Center & check administration. No-test administration device is offered by selenium training tutorials. Being an open-ended program, it could be incorporated with resources JIRA, like Jenkins, GitHub Center.


Screenshot attribute to shoot image during evaluation performance of exclusion & error is provided by qTP. Selenium WebDriver coachingĀ supplies API to shoot screen shot of AUT.

Resource Availability

It’s not quite difficult to locate engineers having expertise on QTP. Sources that are selenium webdriver videos are bit tight & needs individuals that are skilled to help make the project effective.

Simple Use

QTP is quite user friendly may be used by code-informed folks, on the web help is easily accessible. Selenium webdriver interview questions needs coders that are great for maintaining and creating the evaluations. It supports numerous programming language

Browser Support

QTP provides complete support for MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORER; small attribute support for Firefox & Chrome (requires installing patch), Selenium webdriver tutorial supports virtually all browsers, listing is the following –

Firefox 2 to 17
IE 7,8,9
Safari 2,3,4
Opera 8,9,10
Google Chrome
O/S Support

Windows platform is supported by qTP. Selenium webdriver online training supports Windows, Mac and Linux

Concurrent/Remote Execution

QTP doesn’t supports concurrent execution. Selenium webdriver online tutorial supplies ability to to perform tests in parallel mode in addition to on remote device.

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