Details of working with IDE - Selenium Webdriver Trainings

IDE or integrated development environment is a software application which provides many facilities to the developer, including editing text, debugging and compiling.

IDE Overview

IDEs are designed to enhance the productivity of the developers by providing tightly-knit components with the same user interface. In other words, entire development is done in a single program. Authoring, modifying, compiling, deploying and debugging is possible in the integrated development environment.

A large amount of time will be spent in putting together the pieces of multiple utilities but in IDE, similar capabilities of different utilities are provided as a set. Hence the development takes lesser time. Thus working with IDE will reduce the time consumption for software development and at the same time enhances the overall productivity.

IDE Tutorials

Although a single term “Integrated Development Environment” is being used, there are different types of IDEs. There are IDEs for software development and IDEs for software testing. Even in the category of IDEs for testing, the IDE for different tools such as Selenium, Eclipse etc will be different.

In the training courses for different test automation tools, IDE will be taught in detail. For example, in selenium testing training course, you can learn more about Selenium IDE. This part of the course will cover the concerned IDE in detail including how to working with IDE.

Advantages of Using IDE

  • When you use IDE for software development or software testing, you save a lot of time as the functions of different components are provided in a single package.
  • Development or testing using IDE will be easier as pre-set programs will be available to help at each stage.
  • Accuracy is better.
  • Simplifies the entire process and eliminates many processes in SDLC phase 2
  • Helps to debug program code
  • Prevent design errors in software development.

You need to master IDE to work with it efficiently. The tutorials that deal with different developing and testing tools will provide the training in the respective IDEs. The videos which are provided as a part of study materials will cover IDE in detail. Besides this, interview questions will also cover IDE in detail.

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