When I running the next code:

public static void main(String[] args) {
try {
FirefoxDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver();
} catch (NoClassDefFoundError ex) {
System.out.println(“error: ” + ex.getStackTrace());

I am facing the next error:

Malfunction:[Ljava.lang. StackTraceElement;@80f4cb

Exception in thread “main” java.lang. NoClassDefFoundError: net/yahoo/common/foundation/Function

I ‘d the exact same issue, and eventually I discovered that I forgot to incorporate the selenium s/w-server-separate-version.jar. I’d just added the consumer container, selenium s/w-java-version.jar.

A NoClassDefFoundError is thrown when the Java Runtime Environment can not discover a group. In your situation, it can not discover the type com.google.common.base. Function, that you almost certainly didn’t include to your own classpath.


After installing these libraries:

Selenium s/w: http://code.google.com/p/selenium/downloads/list

Guava: http://code.google.com/p/guava-libraries/downloads/list

Apache HttpComponents: http://hc.apache.org/downloads.cgi

JSON container: http://www.jarfinder.com/index.php/jars/versionInfo/21653

and unzipping them and placing all JAR files in a directory named lib, the check type:

mport org.openqa.selenium.firefox.FirefoxDriver;

public class Test {
public static void main(String[] args) {
FirefoxDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver();
} catch(Exception e){

Went without any issues.

It’s possible for you to compile and run the course the following:

# compile and run on Linux & Mac
javac -cp .:lib/* Test.java
java -cp .:lib/* Test

# compile and run on Windows
javac -cp .;lib/* Test.java
java -cp .;lib/* Test

There isn’t the “yahoo-groups” collection on your classpath.

There are several methods to include libraries to your classpath, therefore please provide more information regarding how you might be running your application.

if in the commandline, it is possible to include libraries to the classpath via

I ‘d the exact same error and subsequent to the investigation I discovered that collection selenium s/w-api 2.41.0 needs guava 15.0 however, it had been over-ridden by an older version , and so I held guava 15.0 as immediate dependence by including subsequent settings in pom.xml:


For me personally, as well as choosing the container – selenium s/w-java-2.45.0.jar, I’d to pick all the containers in the “libs” file under selenium s/w main directory.

It seems like you are attempting to transfer some google signal:

import com.google.common.base.Function;

And it isn’t finding it the course Perform. Check to guarantee each of the necessary libraries have been in your build route, which you typed the program right.

I fulfilled exactly the same issue and neglect despite installing the ‘selenium s/w-machine-separate-version.jar’, I believe you should install the guava and guava gwt container too. I added every one of those container, last but not least it labored within my Computer. Hope it functions for the others fulfilling this problem.

as soon as I got the different java.lang. NoClassDefFoundError: com/yahoo/common/foundation/Perform it was triggered by malfunctions in Project Libraries.

Please assess it in your project configurations. For Intellij IDEA head to Document – Job Construction and pick Modules tab. All I needed to do to solve this exclusion was r e-incorporating the selenium s/w library

Please contain all the container files of selenium s/w standalone and lib file, then this error may worked out

After you take out your “selenium s/w-java-.zip” file you must arrange your build route out of your IDE. Transfer all the container files under “lib” file and equally selenium s/w standalone machine & Selenium S/W java variation jar documents.

I needed to here is another straightforward type outside IDE and things. Thus saved selenium s/w zero from website and operate the type like this:

java -cp selenium-2.50.1/*:selenium-2.50.1/libs/*:. my/package/MyClass <params>

I ‘d the problem that I initially utilized lib alternatively of libs. I used to not need to include selenium s/w separate jar. This can be Java 8 that understands wildcards in class path. I believe java 7 might also do.

I ‘d the exact same issue, and eventually I discovered that I forgot to incorporate the selenium s/w-server-separate-version.jar. I’d just added the consumer container, selenium s/w-java-version.jar.

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