Selenium Testing - All about Selenium Testing, Selenium Tutorial

As in the case of all other manufacturing process, testing is an integral part of software development also. In the early ages of software development testing was done manually. Manual testing had many limitations and the major one is that the chances for human errors were more. Secondly, it took a lot of time to complete simple tests. Another major drawback of manual testing is that it needed a lot of manpower which made it an expensive affair.

In order to contain these drawbacks, test automation tools have been invented. At present there are different test automation tools for different testings. While some of them are free and open source, some others are completely commercial. Selenium, a free and open source test automation tool gained more popularity within a short span of time and it is the most widely used test automation tool for testing web based applications.

As most of the developers started preferring selenium testing, the demand for selenium experts has increased and as a result many selenium tutorials have come up. Now there are many selenium training programs to help students to master selenium technology. However, you should select a good and professional trainer to derive the maximum benefit out of the training. Finding the right trainer is the first step towards mastering selenium. Here are a few tips to identify a good selenium training course.

  • Visit the official website of the trainer and go through the sample study materials such as selenium videos, selenium interview questions etc and evaluate the quality of study materials.
  • Participate in the free selenium webinars and orientation sessions organised by the trainers from time to time to know about their approach towards training.
  • Enquire with existing students or former students, about the quality of training. If you do not know anybody, take the help of social media or related open discussion forums.
  • You should also take the help of social media or related discussion forums to know about the reputation enjoyed by the trainer among the job providers. This is also important for getting a placement.

If you follow these tips you can find the best trainer and become a master in selenium automation. Expertise in selenium can bring you better fortune as the demand for selenium experts are increasing consistently and according to many industry experts and HR professionals, this trend will continue for some more years.

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