Java has become one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. Java Development Kit or JDK supports programmers very much. Predefined packages, which are developed by SUN microsystems are delivered as a part of JDK to make the job of the programmer easier.

Different Types of Predefined Packages


This package can be used to attain language functionalities such as data conversion from string to fundamental data, to display the result onto the console, to obtain garbage collector, etc. This package will be imported by default for each java program.


This package is also known as Abstract Windowing Toolkit and is used for developing Graphic Unit Interface (GUI) components including buttons, scroll boxes, check boxes etc.


This package is meant for making the development of browser-oriented applications easier and smoother or you can say that this package is meant for developing distributed programs.

Client service applications are of more importance and this package is used for it.


This package has many classes and interfaces to improve the performance of J2ME applications. This package is actually meant for developing quality and reliable applications. This is also known as collection framework.


Formatting date and time in the day to day business operations is an important task and this package is used for that purpose.


This is a sub pack of lang pack and is used to study runtime information about classes or interfaces. The term “Runtime Information” indicates data members of the classes or interfaces, Constructors of the classes, types of methods etc.


This is meant to retrieve data from the database to perform different functions on data.

This is an overview about various predefined packages in java and it will be taught in detail in Java Tutorials.

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