First step is to create a Java Project:

  • Go to File menu > New > Java Project.
  • Enter Project Name as “Selenium_webdriver_project”
  • Click on Finish button.


Create Java Project – Selenium WebDriver

Second step is to create a Class under Java project:

  • Under newly created project “Selenium_webdriver_project” you will see the “src“ folder & right click on the “src” folder & create the new class as “Webdriver_class”.


Create Java Class – Selenium WebDriver

Once you created the class you will see the Eclipse screen like this.


Start with Eclipse

  • Right click on “Selenium_webdriver_project” & select Properties option.
  • Select “Java Build Path” option in the left side of the Properties dialog box.
  • Click on Libraries tab
  • Click on “Add External JARs..” button.
  • Select the extracted Selenium Java Client Driver folder downloaded in Step3 & add all JAR files present in the inside & outside of the “libs” folder. Once you select these JAR files then your properties folder will look like as below.


Import External- Selenium Client JAR Files

  • Click on OK in the Properties dialog box to import.

Once you finish the Step 1 to Stage 4 then you’re able to run your first WebDriver script. You only have to copy paste the code written below & click on Run button to run your first script. Code below which is created to opens the newest Firefox browser window & open the Google page inside. In addition, it see the Name of the page & close the browser window.

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