1. Just how do you begin Selenium RC?
Easy method to begin selenum rc is
java -jar selenium-server.jar
to to perform a package of Selenese scripts in a browser
java -jar selenium-server.jar -htmlSuite

2. Just how do you link Data foundation from selenium
Connecting to data base is lanuage dependent. if we’re using Java
A Link object represents aconnection using a data base. When we link to your data base with connection process, we create An Association Object, which signifies theconnection to the data base. An application might have one or more than one connections using an individual database or several connections with distinct databases.
We may use the Link object for the following issues:
1). It it makes the Statement, PreparedStatement and CallableStatement objects for running the SQL statements.
2). It assists us to Commit or rollback a jdbc transactionn.
3). In the event you would like to understand more about the database or databases to which you happen to be connected then the Link item collects info in regards to the database or repository by the usage of DatabaseMetaData.
4). It assists us to shut the information source. The Connection.isClosed() method returns true as long as the Connection.close() has been called. This technique can be used to near all the link.

Firstly we need to to create the relation to the data base. This can be accomplished through the use of the method DriverManager.getConnection(). This procedure requires a string containing a URL. The DriverManager class, tries to find a driver that will connect to the database represented by the string URL. Whenever the getConnection() method is named the DriverManager class assesses the record of all documented Driver types that will connect to the data base defined in the URL.
String url = “jdbc: odbc: makeConnection”;
Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection(uniform resource locator, “userID”, “password”);

3. How can you choose the 2nd item in a List box or dropdown.
selenium.pick(selectLocator, optionLocator)
selectLocator a locator for the choose component
optionLocator a locator for the choice component

4. How can you identify an item using selenium?
isElementPresent(String locator)
isElementPresent requires a locator as the argument and when found returns a boolean value of True.

5. What’s the dissimilarity between claim and Check Commands?
You will find two mechanisms for validating components that can be found the program under evaluation. The primary is claim: this lets the evaluation to check on in the event the component is to the webpage. If it’s unavailable, then the evaluation will cease on the measure that failed. The next is confirm: this also makes it possible for the evaluation to assess if the component is to the webpage, but if it’s not, then the evaluation will carry on running.

6.How do you check an item presented in several webpages.
Assess on each page

7.What are the locators accessible Selenium?
User extensions are kept in another file that we are going to tell Selenium IDE or Selenium RC to use. In there the new function is going to be created in Java Script.
Because Selenium’s center is created in Java Script, making an extension follows the normal rules for prototypal languages. To make an extension, we develop a function in the next design pattern.
Selenium.prototype.doFunctionName = perform()
The “do” while watching function title tells Selenium this function could be called as a command to get a measure as opposed to an an inside or personal operate.

8.What are things can’t be achieved through selenium IDE
Simple record and play back.
Intelligent field choice will use IDs, names, or XPath as-needed.
Autocomplete for all common Selenium commands.
Walk through evaluations.
Debug and establish breakpoints.
Save evaluations as Hypertext Markup Language, Ruby scripts, or another format.
Support for Selenium user-extensions.js file.
Alternative to automatically claim the name of each page.

Edges: Selenium IDE is the sole flavor of Selenium, which lets you record user activity on browser window. Additionally, it may record user activities in the majority of the popular languages like Java, C#, Perl, Ruby etc.

This gets rid of the necessity of learning new seller scripting language. For running scripts developed in these languages, you’ll need to make use of Selenium Remote-Control. Should you not care to work with Rc than you are going to have to generate your test scripts in HTML format.
Minuses: Largest drawback of Selenium IDE is its limit with regard to browser support. Though Selenium scripts may be used for all the browser and OS, Scripts created utilizing Selenium IDE can be utilized for only Firefox browser when it is not used with Selenium RC or Selenium Center.

9.Short about Selenium Grid.
Selenium Grid is something that drastically speeds up operational testing of web apps by leverage your existing computing infrastructure. It lets you readily run several tests in parallel, on several devices, within an heterogeneous enviroment.

On the basis of the outstanding Selenium web testing instrument, Selenium Grid enables one to run multiple cases of Selenium Remote-Control in parallel. Better yet, it makes all these Selenium Remote Controls seem as an individual one, which means that your evaluations do not need to concern yourself with the specific infrastructure.

Selenium Grid cuts down on the time needed to to perform a Selenium test-suite into a portion of the time a single case of Selenium case would decide to try run.

10. The best way to begin the selenium server out of your language group?
seleniumServer = new SeleniumServer();
catch (Exception e)

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