As in the case of any other products, software should also be tested for its perfection and precision. At a time when the technology was not so developed, professionals used to depend on manual testing. This is a time consuming job and the chances for human errors are more. Continuous researches and experiments brought test automation tools which automated the testing processes. These tools ensures a high level precision and consumes less time. Selenium is one of the most popular test automation tool.

Selenium Online Training Course Syllabus/Table of Contents


Different flavors in Selenium

Week 1 – Selenium IDE 




Day :4

Week 2 – Java

Day :5

Day :6

Day :7

Day :8

  1. Arrays
  2. Hash Tables/ Map Object
  3. Regular Expression

Week 3 – Java

Day :9

Day :10

Day :11

Day :12

Week 4 – Selenium Webdriver



  • Architecture of selenium webdriver
  • Drivers for Firefox, IE, Chrome, Iphone, Android etc
  • What is the difference between Selenium RC and WD?
  • Sample programs in webdriver
  • Handel Text box and Handel HyperLink
  • Handel Button and Check box
  • Handel Radio Button and DropDown Controls


  • Select value from DropDown
  • Display all values and Select values step by step
  • Capture screenshots
  • Synchronization Commands In Web Driver
  • Why Implicit wait and Implementation of Implicit wait
  • Why Explicit wait and Implementation of Explicit wait
  • Web Driver Fluent wait and Thread Sleep functionality
  • File uploads and File downloads (Handling Window based controls using Robot and Sikuli API)


  • Handling alerts box and Verfying the Alert Texts
  • Handling confirmation messages
  • Keyboard actions
  • Mouse actions
  • Handling Iframes working with Nested Iframes
  • Handling multiple tabs
  • Handling popups
  • Preparing web driver test cases using customized x-path
  • Identifying controls using x-path predefined functions
  • Web Tables

Week 5


Junit FrameWork:

  • Running Java Programs using junit
  • Writing Selenium tests from scratch using Junit FrameWork
  • JUNIT Annotations
  • JUNIT Methods
  • Frequently used Selenium commands
  • Test Suites using JUNIT
  • Parameterized test cases using junit framework

TestNG FrameWork

  1. Overview of TestNG
  2. Environment of TestNG
  3. Writing WebDriver Test Cases using TestNG
  4. Basic Annotations of TestNG
  5. Executing Tests
  6. Executing Test Suites
  7. Ignore Test
  8. Dependency Test
  9. Parameterized Tests
  10. TestNG XML
  11. Report Generation


Working with multiple browsers              

  • Executing Automation Test Cases in multiple browsers Sequentially
  • Working with Chrome and IE browsers
  • What is Firefox Profile And Implementation of Firefox Profile
  • What is WebDriver Desired Capabilities class
  • Executing Automation Test Cases in multiple browsers Parallel


Maven Project Management Tool

  • Introduction about maven
  • High Level Overview
  • Ant vs Maven
  • Installation of Maven
  • Demo using Sample Maven Project
  • Maven Structure
    1. Introduction of Maven Folder Structure
    2. The pom.xml
    3. Dependencies
    4. Goals
    5. Local Reo Structure
    6. Defaults
    7. Sample Demo of Build Session of Maven Project
  • Maven Dependencies
  1. Dependency version
  2. Versions
  3. Types
  4. Transitive Dependencies
  5. Scopes
  • Maven Repositories
  1. What is a Repository
  2. Dependency Repository
  3. Adding a Repository
  4. Plugin Repository
  • Maven Eclipse Integration
  1. Demo Installation
  2. Importing Projects
  3. Converting Existing Projects
  4. Pom Viewer
  5. Effective Pom


Database testing using web driver

  • Installing MySQL Database
  • sql package
  • Overview on Connection Interface, Statement Interface, Preapared Statement and Resultset Interfaces.
  • Example program to Access Database.
  • Some examples on SELECT,UPDTE and DELETE queies
  • Some Webdriver examples using Data fetched from Database

Automation Test Frame Work

How to develop Test automation frame work in live environment

  • What is a frame work
  • Types of frame work
  • Data driven frame work
  • Modular driven frame work
  • Keyword driven frame work
  • User Defined Keyword driven framework with implementation
  • Execute test scripts from the framework

Continuous Integration Testing using Jenkins

  • About Jenkins
  • History of Jenkins
  • Splitting of Projects
  • What is Continues Integration
  • Installing Jenkins
  • Creating a simple job
  • Integrating Jenkins to the Project

Selenium At a Glance

Selenium is a testing suite designed to test the functional aspects of web based applications. It is open source and free and compatible with almost all popular browsers. It can be run on multiple platforms. The suite contains the following components.

  • Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Selenium Remote Control (RC)
  • Selenium Webdriver
  • Selenium Grid

Why Selenium?

Automation of testing can reduce the turnaround time of the project considerably and hence most of the manual testers and test managers are turning towards test automation. There are many Testing automations available now Still Selenium remains the most popular one with users around the world. Selenium has many advantages above the rest and a few are here.

  • Free and Open Source
  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Multi-browser compatibility
  • Communities and Groups to provide Technical Support
  • Highly user friendly
  • Execution of repeated test cases possible
  • Supports in testing a large matrix
  • Parallel execution possible

Selenium Training Online

When Selenium became the most preferred testing automation tool, many professionals have come forward to learn the technology. Apart from the manual testers and those related with QA, many beginners too started showing interest in selenium tutorials.

This ended up in the arrival of many Selenium tutorial centers across the world. There are many professionals and institutes like ITeLearn offering selenium webdriver training online too. Online courses are mainly conducted with the aid of Selenium videos which cover point to point of the subject.

Details of Course Offered by Selenium Training tutorials

In general, the entire course will be divided into five parts.

  • Selenium Basics
  • Selenium Webdriver
  • Selenium Framework
  • Advanced Selenium
  • Tips and Selenium Interview questions

Selenium Basics

This part of the Selenium training contains an introduction to Selenium and the process to download and install the program. It also contains the basic things such as script creation, locating element etc too.

Selenium Webdriver

This part consists of Selenium Webdriver introduction and the process of downloading and installation of webdriver with eclipse. It also deals with Junit and TestNG. This part goes deep into the testing processes.

Selenium Framework

Selenium Framework creation and accessing data from Excel will be taught in this part. Creation of Testsuite and generics, setting up of Selenium Maven project etc are also taken care in this part of the selenium tutorial in detail.

Advanced Selenium

More advanced areas such as Selenium scripting tips and tricks, database testing using Selenium driver, selenium grid introduction, Integration of Selenium Webdriver with Cucumber, automation testing using cucumber etc will be taken care of in this part of the course.

Tips and Selenium Interview Questions

This is the final stage of the Selenium training.

Although there are many Selenium tutorials are available online, one should go with the best and most professional ones to learn the subject in depth. The narration of subject, Graphics used, language etc are very much important in understanding the subject and the quality of tutorials differ based on these aspects.

Hence you should take a decision, only after a research and analysis process. This will really help you to identify the best Selenium training course online.

Selenium Live Project

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