Selenium reaches current the absolute most effective freeware of open-source automatic device. It’s produced by Jason Huggins and his group. This really is launch underneath the Apache 2.0 permit and certainly will be saved and utilised without any cost. Selenium is simple to get going using regarding easy practical screening of internet software.

It facilitates report and play regarding screening internet based software. Selenium helps multithreading function i.e. several occasion of software could be operate on various windows.

Advantages / Pros:

  • ONE. Selenium is real open-source, freeware and moveable device.
  • TWO. Selenium facilitates number of dialects offering Espresso, Perl, Python, DONUMBER, Ruby, Cool, Java-Script, and VB Software. etc.
  • THREE. Selenium facilitates numerous OS’s like Windows, Macs, Linux, Unix etc.
  • FOUR. Selenium facilitates numerous surfers like ie, Stainless, Safari, Safari, Safari etc.
  • FIVE. Selenium could be integral using ISH or Expert type of framework regarding source-code collection.
  • SIX. Selenium could be integral using TestNG screening framework regarding screening our programs and producing reviews.
  • SEVEN. Selenium could be integral using Jenkins or Hudson regarding constant incorporation.
  • EIGHT. Selenium could be integral using additional open-source resources for helping additional functions.
  • NINE. Selenium may be used regarding Android, IPhone, Rim etc. dependent software s/w testing.
  • Ten. Selenium facilitates really less processor and Memory usage regarding software delivery.
    eleven. Selenium includes various aspect of supply assistance to its guardian that will be Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid and Selenium Handheld Remote Control (RC).

Due to the numerous benefits, Selenium discovers broad utilization regarding UI, regression, device and approval s/w testing. Due to the fast check improvement it allows, it’s very popular for fast-period improvement methods such as for instance Nimble or Severe Encoding. Selenium can also be well-liked by it-staff who automate repeated, web based admin duties.

The benefits of Selenium regarding growing the effectiveness of internet software screening in the GUI degree outnumber its drawbacks, particularly regarding price and also the reducing of check series because of effective automatic check era. In case your business is prepared to handle the specialized and check administration problems, Selenium is a superb device collection using which to enhance the caliber of web based s/w testing.

Disadvantages / Cons:

  • Selenium requirements greatly knowledge assets. The source also needs to be perfectly experienced in framework structures.
  • Selenium just facilitates internet based application and doesn’t assistance windows-based software.
  • It’s challenging to check image-based software.
  • Selenium require outside assistance regarding statement technology exercise like reliance on TestNG or Jenkins.
  • Selenium doesn’t support built-in add ins assistance.
  • Selenium person lacks online assistance for that issues they encounter.
  • Selenium doesn’t supply any built-in IDE regarding software era also it require additional IDE like Eclipse regarding composing programs.
  • Selenium Automatic Technicians are tad in shortage nowadays.
  • Selenium software development period is tad higher.
  • Selenium doesn’t help document upload service.
  • Selenium partly helps for Discussion boxes.

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