Setting up of Firebug for Firefox

IT industry, especially the software sector is thriving and according to many industry and financial experts, the growth of the sector will gain momentum in the near future as many virgin areas are being computerized.

At a time when software development gained significant, software testing also turns out to be a flourishing career and there are very good opportunities for software testers across the world. Many test automation tools have been invented and these tools make the job of testers smooth and easier. Firebug is one such tool which is used widely for debugging.

What is Firebug?

Firebug is a test automation tool which is most widely used for the debugging, editing and monitoring of the CSS, HTML, DOM and JavaScript of websites. This is a free and open source tool and it is available as a Firefox extension. This tool can be used for performance analysis of websites also. Besides, it has a Java Console for logging errors and watching the values.

Integrating Firebug with Firefox will provide us a number of development tools when we browse and this will certainly help the developers to a great extent. Thus firebug can help in the development of websites and applications. In fact Firebug is the best web development extension of Firefox.

The History of Firebug

Joe Hewitt, one of the original Firefox creators developed Firebug originally while working at Parakay Inc. Later in 2007 Parakay was acquired by Facebook. At present the development and extension of Firebug is being taken care of by Firebug Extension Group which includes representatives from Mozilla, Google, IBM, Yahoo, Facebook etc.

1.0 Beta version of Firebug was released in 2006 and the latest version is 1.5. Now, Firebug enjoys the support of a vast community of users and according to a rough estimate the total users of Firebug will be more than 2 Million.

Set up firebug for Firefox

Installing Firebug on Firefox is a simple process and that can be completed with a few steps.

  • First you should open Firefox browser and then go to
  • Site will open and you can type “Firebug” in the search window. Now you can either press “Enter” or can click on the “Search” button in the site.
  • Search result will appear and click on “Add to Firefox” button.
  • A popup will appear asking whether to continue with installation. Click on “Install Now”.
  • Restart the Firefox after the completion of Installation.
  • Once the browser comes up after restarting, it will prompt us saying a new add-on has been Installed. Now the Firebug is ready to work with.

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