What is Selenium IDE?

Selenium IDE is definitely an integral growth atmosphere for Selenium programs. It’s applied like a Opera expansion, and enables you to report, modify, and debug assessments. Selenium IDE contains the whole Selenium Primary, letting you effortlessly and rapidly report and play-back assessments within the real atmosphere that they can run-in.

Selenium IDE isn’t merely a documenting device: it’s an entire IDE. You are able to opt for its documenting capacity, or you might modify your programs manually. Using autocomplete assistance and also the capability to transfer instructions around rapidly, Selenium IDE may be the perfect atmosphere for making Selenium assessments no real matter what type of assessments you want.


  • Simple report and play
  • Smart area choice uses IDs, titles, or XPath as-needed
  • Autocomplete for several popular Selenium instructions
  • Walk-through assessments
  • Debug and set breakpoints
  • Conserve assessments as HTML, Ruby programs, or every other structure
  • Assistance for Selenium person-extensions.js file
  • Choice to instantly claim the name of each and every webpage
  • FRESH! Simple personalization through extensions


By 1.0.4, Selenium IDE has already established a plugin program to permit for simple expansion and personalization including:

  • Including new performance towards the API
  • Altering current performance
  • Customized platforms and move abilities
  • Hosting of plugin update.rdf documents
  • Including fresh locator methods (arriving quickly)

The Selenium Software-IDE (Integral Development Atmosphere) may be the device you utilize to build up your Selenium test instances. It’s a simple-to use Opera plug in and it is usually the absolute most effective method to create test instances.

Additionally, it includes a context-menu which allows one to initial pick a UI element in the browser’s presently shown webpage after which pick from a summary of Selenium instructions using guidelines pre-described based on the framework of the chosen UI component. This isn’t merely a Time saver, but additionally a very good way of understanding Selenium software format.

This section is about the Selenium IDE and just how to make use of it effortlessly.

How to Install Selenium IDE:

Utilizing firefox,  Download IDE from the official Selenium IDE site, SeleniumHQ.

Opera may safeguard anyone from adding addons from different places, which means you will have to press ‘Allow’ to continue using the installment, as proven within the next screenshot.

Whenever installing from Opera, you’ll be given the next screen.

Choose Install Today. The Opera add ons screen appears, initial displaying a progressbar, so when the obtain is total, shows the next.

Restart Firefox. After Opera reboots you’ll discover the Selenium Software-IDE outlined underneath the Opera Resources menus.

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