What is the Difference between Selenium RC and Selenium WD

Selenium RC or Remote Control and Selenium WD or WebDriver are two most components of Selenium testing suite. Selenium RC is a server that allows commands to a web browser through HTTP. Selenium RC also facilitate writing test scripts in any of the programming languages supported by Selenium. Selenium WebDriver is the latest addition to the Selenium suite which is meant to provide simple and brief programming interface. Selenium webdriver can be considered a replacement for Selenium RC and the difference between Selenium RC and Selenium WD are as follows.

What is the difference between Selenium RC and WD?

Selenium RC

Selenium WebDriver

More complex architectural design Simpler architectural design when compared to Selenium RC
Selenium RC is compatible with all browsers except the new versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer New versions of all browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera are supported by Selenium Webdriver.
The core of Selenium RC is based on java script program and this Selenium core controls browsers directly. Hence,it is slow. Selenium webdriver communicates directly with the browser applications and hence it is faster when compared to Selenium RC
Selenium Core can access halted components Selenium webdriver has more realistic approach towards web page contents.
Selenium RC has a more established API but it contains more unnecessary commands Webdriver;s API is simpler when compared to that of RC and does not have any unwanted or complex commands.
HTMLunit (Headless) browser is not supported by Selenium RC. It needs a visible browser. Selenium Webdriver will support HTMLunit (Headless) browsers.
Selenium RC has an in-built test report generator and generate HTML documents of test reports. Selenium Webdriver has no in-built test report generator.
Selenium RC can support new browsers as soon as they are being launched Selenium webdriver will take a bit more time to support a new browser.
A server is needed for Selenium RC to get started. No need of a server for Selenium Webdriver
iPhone and Android apps cannot be tested with RC Webdriver can be used to test both iPhone and Android apps.
Selenium RC API is less object oriented API supports full object orientation
Full XPath needs to be attached with “xpath=//” command in RC In Selenium webdriver there is no need to attach XPath with any command.
Implementation of listeners is not possible in Selenium RC Selenium Webdriver can implement listeners.

These are the basic differences between Selenium RC and Selenium Webdriver. There are many other differences between the both in application and the processes. All those will be taught in all Selenium tutorials.

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